Forgive me Jesus!

Please forgive me Jesus

"Please forgive me Jesus! For I have sinned... arrgh!"

Is there hope for someone who keeps sinning? Hurry and get forgiven now...

Can we help?

Dave Alston author of God's Big Plan For Your Life

I'm Dave Alston, author of "How to Unlock GOD's Big Plan For Your Life". Never forget, Jesus is WITH YOU!

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5 Christian Sites Every Believer Should Know

Do you know these Christian resources? Powerful, effective discipleship materials. Check them out here...

Our Powerful Daily Prayer

David v Goliath

“Tremendous power is released for those who pray while living (continually) in righteousness as they call on God with passionate petition.”

(James 5 v 16 KJV - Dave Alston paraphrase).

Even a young boy can beat a giant if they prepare right. Saul's armour was no good for David against Goliath.

He chose DIVINE protection instead and won his fight. So can you...

Here's how to get powerful protection for your family in prayer so you win the war against Satan.

Morning Prayer of Consecration

Prayer of Consecration

First thing in the morning...

Consecrate your day to GOD, and then His stability, peace and order will permeate everything. You will then be able to defeat Satan's forces too.

This morning prayer will equip you...

Beware if Your Church Rejects These 5 Truths

5 Truths You Need So You Will Not Be Deceived as a Christian

If your Church does not acknowledge these 5 truths you could easily be deceived...

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