The Snowflake

Hi everyone, Here’s a great poem from a dear brother in our congregation, Brian Porter. Brian, really loves the LORD and has a real gift for poetry and writing, so I’m hoping he will kindly share some of his other poems here too. This is “The Snowflake” As I am falling from the skyWith many…

Midnight Hour

The Christian poem which follows is written by Stevina Southwell, a lady on God’s Big Plan For Your Life email list. I know she spends precious hidden time in prayer and spiritual warfare, and she has discovered a major key in unlocking GOD’s favour and answer to prayer… it’s simply praying at midnight. Look through…

I Heard a Whisper

I heard a whisper from your soul today… “I know there’s more to life than this. I know there is.” But your silent thought slipped away unseen, While your children laughed and ran on ahead, Oblivious to the road you’re treading, Which is just as well,

The Living Soul

And man became a living soul…” When the Ruach of the Almighty entered him. Pristine, untainted, perfectly beautiful. It was you, It was I. It was he, it was she. Back in a garden of joy, Not tears. But then we chose a new king,