Our Powerful Daily Prayer of Protection

First the foundation for all powerful prayer…

“The effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much”

(James 5 v 16 KJV)

Or you could put it this way…

“Tremendous power is released for those who pray while living (continually) in righteousness as they call on God with passionate petition.”

(My paraphrase of James 5 v 16 KJV).

And this is the secret…

For your prayer to be effective, (actually get answered and WORK) you must be righteous.

Obviously as sinners, that could be a problem, but remember God has made us SONS & DAUGHTERS through the Blood of Jesus when we were born again.


James does not mean righteous in the sense of simply parroting select verses of scripture saying that you have been made righteous because of what Jesus did for you yet keep on sinning (maybe even secretly loving it) but because you are walking on a consistent basis IN His righteousness, so that His righteousness becomes a PART OF WHO YOU ARE.

Then you do not sin (1 John 3 v 9), and you do not WANT to sin, for you are living IN the nature of Jesus, which is 100% purity and righteousness.

Many people totally miss the “righteous” bit of the scripture from James above and focus only on the power. Then they wonder why no matter how fervent their prayers, or how much power they try to whip up, God does not answer them.

The answer is simple.

They are not righteous.

And that can be dangerous, because it makes everyone in their entire family vulnerable to attacks from Satan’s forces. Let me be reasonably blunt. If you keep walking in consistent hidden sin, and expect God to answer you in prayer… He won’t, and you will find that bad things keep happening to you and those closest to you.

Things can even get get worse instead of better when you pray, because the enemy will then go to God and accuse you before Him even more, and have legal ground to attack you even more strongly, because your hidden sins give him LEGAL PERMISSION. (Only applies if you have any hidden sins of course! :) )


Lay a foundation to ensure you GET ANSWERS WHEN YOU PRAY and ensure you are not exposing your loved ones to any danger sent to try and destroy you by LIVING IN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS Jesus gives you, walking it into your life by His Holy Spirit each day.

This means walking with Jesus minute by minute (every day) and allowing His Cross to bring you to the end of yourself (and getting accountable with elders, counsellors, Pastor etc so they help you too), so that His righteousness can be poured into you, and you start to walk CONSISTENTLY in Him each day.

Warning; you will be broken by the Holy Spirit in this process, but you will become free.

Then as you are trained by Him to walk in righteousness consistently, God will answer your prayers POWERFULLY. When you pray prayers like the one I share below every morning you will see God’s faithful answer to them as you close your eyes at night.

The prayer below is powerful and effective, pray it every morning combined with faith while walking in righteousness and you will be secure and feel PROTECTED by God, and your family will be safe too.

Here it is…

Dear Father,

Please surround each member of my family and myself today (you can name each member here) by the mighty angels of God to guard and protect us wherever we go. Cover each one of us under the precious Blood of Jesus Christ (can name your family here etc).

Please keep us safe and protect us oh God from all…

  • Attacks of evil and wicked people
  • From all sexual predators and paedophiles
  • From all abusers, kidnappers and robbers
  • From all accidents and injuries
  • From all witchcraft and sorcery
  • From all murder and violence

In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you dear Father that your word is true and I declare it over my wife and children and myself right now…

“The LORD shall preserve OUR going out and coming in TODAY and from this time forth, and even forevermore.” (Adapted from Psalm 121 v 8 )

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the LORD surrounds US TODAY, protecting, guarding and keeping us safe from this time forth and forever.” (Adapted from Psalm 125 v 2)

Thank you Father that you WILL keep every member of my family safe today and bring us all safely home tonight. I BELIEVE you will do all this in the Name of Jesus Christ.



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20 comments on “Our Powerful Daily Prayer of Protection
  1. fergusonsarah says:

    Thanks for sharing this prayer for us.. I will definitely teach this on my niece to protect her..

    • GodsBigPlan says:


      Bless you Sarah,

      Two things when praying this sort of prayer…

      1. Really believe that God is going to protect your family like this.

      2. Consistency… of walk, of trust and faith.

      Then over time you can look back and see that indeed God has been faithful to you and answered your consistent, believing prayers. To be honest, after a while they just become part of you. I can’t even imagine NOT praying this type of prayer every single morning for protection over my family. It’s unthinkable actually.

      May God Himself be a mighty fortress around your niece, so that she is safe wherever she finds herself.



  2. Nik says:

    Thank you for this prayer …. and I am trying to pray it daily. Please pray for us, as I live in a home where a family member is active in the occult. I’ve had so much robbery, betrayal, and untimely deaths the last many years since moving here, that I am devastated – nothing has gone right and I desperately need a breakthrough and direction for my life!
    Pray that GOD provides a way of escape and a home for me and my young children.

    • Dave Alston says:

      Hi Nik,

      It sounds like a tough situation, especially as you have young children.

      Here is a key… between the hours of MIDNIGHT and 3am is when most of Satan’s forces attack.

      It is when Witches and Warlocks meet, and when they cast spells and send curses on Christians to destroy their lives, marriages, families, finances, reputations etc.

      However, you can destroy their work by staying up and using aggressive spiritual prayer warfare during these hours too.

      I have found there is a really powerful anointing that punches through during this three hour window and it REALLY disrupts Satan’s plans because you start SMASHING UP HIS ATTACKS BY BEING READY FOR HIM, whereas previously he was able to hammer you because you were asleep) though if you have young children to look after this may be difficult for you.

      Remember to continually declare the blood of Jesus Christ over your home and children vocally out loud, and pray as the Holy Spirit leads you in AGGRESSIVE prayer against the forces of wickedness sent against you and yours.

      Declare forcefully, out loud, prayers like this…

      “No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper and every tongue that rises up against me in judgement I shall condemn. This is my heritage as a servant of GOD, and my righteousness is of Him.

      I decree destruction and decapitate every Satanic force, and ALL the sons of wickedness sent to attack my [children, finances, marriage, home etc as needed here] with the Word of GOD which is my sword.

      I command your carcases be cast into the furnaces of hell for destruction by the judgement of GOD! You shall never win against me because I am a DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH!”

      Do this sort of praying every six hours and be unrelentingly aggressive against your enemy in the power of the Holy Spirit (not your flesh). Ask GOD for extra grace and strength to pray like this (you get strength by faith) and to fast while you pray as well if you are up to it. If you cannot do not worry because Jesus is still your VICTORY.

      Above ALL, trust and tell GOD out loud that you trust Him for miracles in your life and that you are glad your destiny is in His hands and that you fully expect Him to come through for you, no matter how weak you feel.

      Even at your weakest try to raise even a whisper of defiance and declare these sorts of statements OUT LOUD because when you do, you are “reigning in the midst of your enemies” and GOD will act to cause what you declare and DECREE to come to pass because of your faithfulness to Him even in the face of such huge adversities.

      Ask GOD to lead you to one or two others that understand how to pray like this with authority, so that they can pray with you on an ongoing basis and stand with you in warfare until you gradually begin to make headway and start gaining ground against the enemy and on into victory.

      Never forget that Jesus has given you “power over ALL the power of the evil one” (Luke 10:19) and that “NOTHING shall by any means harm you”. You MUST start to believe this and declare this against your enemies in the spirit because it is THESE WORDS THAT ARE THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT that will actually cut down and decimate your adversaries.

      When you initially start praying like this things may get harder, because the enemy will start to fight back to regain lost ground and hope to keep you in the dark and outright LIE and deception that he has power (yet Jesus says he has none; “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you” Luke 10:19 NIV), yet as you fight forward leaning on Jesus you will find He teaches you how to war and gain victory in each area of your life.

      It won’t be easy, but Jesus wants you to LEARN HOW TO WAR, and take up your mantle as a DAUGHTER OF THE KING who will reign against His foes and trample them down because they are already under the feet of Jesus by the Blood of His Cross.

      May GOD grant you and your children grace, and may you rest in peace under the protection and shadow of His wings in Jesus’ Name. Amen.



      PS Also cancel any Satanic dreams you have in which the enemies forces attack you with prayers like this…

      “I cancel that Satanic dream I had about [fill in what the dream was about here] and I FORBID it to come to pass in my life here on earth. I decree that all witchcraft sent against me in that dream be BROKEN and destroyed in the Name of Jesus Christ.

      No curses or spells shall work against me or my family from this dream in Jesus Name.

      Father I pray that your mighty angels bind all the wicked spirits that came against me in this dream and cast them into hell. And I decree that those spirits be chained in everlasting torment awaiting your judgement in the Name of Jesus Christ.

      Father may you return to me everything that was stolen from me in that dream and cause me to be victorious against my foe to your great glory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

      • Lettie says:

        thank you jesus for protecting me against all these evil forces satan send to fight me. please help me to fight this battle since im not going to loose this war to him. in the mighty name of the almighty please protect me father so that i can sleep peaceful at night since its war that im praying and giving my life to You Lord. the devil is a LIAR. God please protect me against this war. AMEN

        • Dave Alston says:

          Amen Lettie, AMEN!

          “May the GOD who raised the Messiah of Israel from the dead, protect and DEFEND you and your family, especially at night. May HE war against these powers of darkness, and STRIKE THEM DOWN casting them into the abyss. May the GOD of glory send FIRE against all witchcraft and demonic activity that has been sent to harm and distress you. He alone is your shield and mighty fortress, and victory in all things. Praise Him at all times and TRUST His holy Word, which is completely true and able to seal you in peace. In Jesus Christ’s wonderful Name, be at peace sister.”



  3. Jesse says:

    Hello, Blessings. Thank you for this wonderful website. Your prayer has blessed me and my family! I have a question, what do you mean when you said “you will be broken by the Holy Spirit during this process”. I just want some understanding. Thank you!

    • Dave Alston says:

      Hi Jesse,

      What I mean by being “broken by the Holy Spirit” here is twofold.

      1) For the Christian who is truly determined to allow Jesus full reign in His life, so they fulfil the calling of GOD in their lives, then it is when the Holy Spirit works in the life of a believer to apply the cross of Jesus in their lives. This can be a very painful process, and can take many years, yet is consistent in the life of great saints across the centuries, as well as with great saints from the Bible.

      As the Cross is applied to your life by the Holy Spirit, and you allow Him to do so, it will “break you” in various ways. For example, there was a time in my life when I wondered why I was in a particularly dry period for a long period of time. Then finally the Holy Spirit showed me I had been very mean and selfish with my children. In an instant when I saw the truth and it really broke me. I was very upset. Then the Cross worked in me, bringing my selfish attitude to death. I faced the truth and dealt with it. It was exceedingly painful to face the truth, but I had too, hence I experienced brokenness. However, after the Cross there is always resurrection for the Christian, and the peace and righteousness that comes with it.

      2) For those who continually persist in wilful sin…

      If the Holy Spirit convicts a believer of a sin, yet over time, they refuse to listen, to fully repent and harden their hearts, then very often the LORD will bring a strong blow into their lives to chastise them. The blow He brings is an aspect of the work of the Cross again, and can come in may different ways because every one of us is different. Hence the LORD will execute a blow in one life, which He would never bring in a different persons life.

      The blow is designed to a) bring light and conviction to the believer to jolt them into reality that they need to deal with their sin NOW! b) It is designed to also reveal if there are any satanic strongholds which have taken root or deepened as a result of the persistent sin this believer is indulging in. This blow from the LORD can be severe, but it needs to be, to really get the attention of the person GOD wants to deal with, without them just shrugging off the Holy Spirit’s “normal” conviction.

      Again it can be painful, and the believer will be broken, but freedom from whatever bondage the Holy Spirit wants to break will result if the believer repents and allows the Holy Spirit to aply this work of the Cross into their life.

      Here is an example of one such instance in my very own life where “the LORD” even broke my ankle because of my secret sin (Click the yellow highlight to see what happened. Not sure how that sits with your theology, but hey ho, some folks need more chastising than others I guess!)

      Hope this helps clarify things Jesse and glad the site is helping!



  4. Jesse says:

    Thank you so much for your response, I understand clearly now!!! God Bless you!

    • Dave Alston says:

      Glad to help Jesse. May GOD grant you unusual revelation in all these things and wisdom to help others see the truth which will make them free. Must go now… in the middle of upgrading the website to a new design… sheesh, so much work to do!



  5. Jesse says:

    God Bless you Dave! Your words are Divine confirmation to me from God Almighty for what he has purposed me to go forward with!!!
    Thank you so much for being a mighty vessel for Our Lord!!



  6. mary says:

    help break the chain that has been holding our life with my family for the past years that we real want change and prosperity happiness in our life

    • Dave Alston says:

      Mary, may Jesus prove Himself strong on your behalf as you walk before Him wholeheartedly, surrendering all to His care, and take up the weapons of your warfare which are specifically designed by GOD to destroys satan’s strongholds in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

      Here is what was on my heart to pray for you…

      “Jesus, your word says you are able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by you (HEB 7:25 KJV) – in the power of your risen ascended life, through the Holy Spirit, please guide Mary and teach her what she needs to learn in order to see real lasting deliverance for her family, and that she enters the joy of the LORD through a surrendered life of discipleship. Amen”



  7. marie noelle says:

    i love jesus, my lord , my saviour, my everything…..

    • Dave Alston says:

      Amen sister. Amen… “My everything” sums it all up, but even that can never tell the glory of His love which is truly LIMITLESS!

      Bless you Marie!

  8. tlali says:

    Thank you for opening my understanding for effective prayer. I pray that God have mercy over me and my family, and protect us against all forms of attack by the evil one.

    • Dave Alston says:

      GOD is MIGHTY… and well able to protect you. In fact, the evil one and his forces are terrified you discover the authority you possess as a King and Priest of the Most High GOD. Ask GOD for understanding and revelation to explain this to you by His Holy Spirit… when you know this you will wage effective warfare against satan and his kingdom and won’t burn out either because you do it in the strength of Christ and not your own strength which easily wanes.

      Bless you and may GOD answer your petitions for the glory of Jesus Christ.



  9. gina martine says:

    need help for my sons OLIVIER AND SEBASTIEN

  10. gina martine says:

    my sons are influenced with evil spirits.

    pls pray.

  11. sainivlati says:

    Thank you for this prayer and website. I will try and pray it daily for me and my family

    Amen and God bless

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