Midnight Hour

The Christian poem which follows is written by Stevina Southwell, a lady on God’s Big Plan For Your Life email list. I know she spends precious hidden time in prayer and spiritual warfare, and she has discovered a major key in unlocking GOD’s favour and answer to prayer… it’s simply praying at midnight. Look through the Bible at all the things that happen at midnight and ask the LORD to teach you about it, you will be blessed by what you find, I am sure.

Thanks Stevina for sharing so freely!

Midnight Hour

Lift your voice to JESUS let him hear your praise,
Let him hear your singing, let your voices raise.

Let your singing break the stronghold;
Don’t let the devil take your soul.
Make it your mission, make praise your goal.

Praise him in the good times;
Praise him when things are bad.
Praise him in your darkest hour and when you’re feeling sad.

JESUS WILL uplift you and take you through the storm,
He’ll take you through the midnight hour to the breaking of your dawn.

Don’t let the devil defeat you,
You are programmed to WIN
JESUS came and saved you and delivered you from sin.

JESUS will take you through the storm and through the midnight hour,
You have the VICTORY and JESUS mighty power.

God WILL fight your battle and knock your Goliath down,
He’ll save you from the Egyptians and he won’t let you drown.

You are God’s beloved and He WILL see you through,
Look unto JESUS he will do it for you.

Praise him in the morning; praise him in the night,
Keep close to JESUS and you WILL WIN the fight.

JESUS WILL uplift you and take you through the storm,
He’ll take you through the midnight hour to the breaking of your dawn.

Written by Stevina Southwell © Copyright 21 December 2012

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