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This easy read guide is changing lives all over the world. It's giving hope so you can be a hero again. Without guilt or shame too.

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(See all 17 chapters and full details as you read further down this page)

  • The ONE Secret To Everything In The Christian Life
  • Six Killer Reasons Why God Ignores Your Prayers
  • How To (Always) Feel Clean, Worthy And Loved
  • Hearing God’s Voice For Normal People
  • The Hidden Verse Which Unlocks Your Whole Life
  • The Sin No One Will Talk About, Not Even Your Pastor
  • The Weird Miracle of The Blue Bike


Question: Who is  "How to Unlock GOD's BIG Plan For Your Life" for exactly? Answer:  Any Christian who arrived here crying "Jesus help me" and asking…

  • Who am I?
  • Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?
  • Why have the good prophecies for my life never happened?
  • Why do I feel so I empty inside, when outwardly I am massively successful?
  • Why do things suddenly turn bad, just when I thought they would get better?
  • Why do I still feel depressed, even though I’ve been a Christian for years?
  • Why do I find it impossible to stop sinning, no matter what I vow to do?
  • Can Jesus really break me free from pornography because I'm stuck?
  • Is there a way to feel clean and break invisible chains from my past?
  • Can I still fulfil my destiny in God, even though I think I’ve missed it?
  • Does Jesus really want to heal me—is Christian inner healing real?
  • Is there a really powerful prayer to defeat Satan I could learn?
  • Could demons be afflicting me—or are they just made up?
  • How can I drive out evil spirits and get real deliverance?
  • What is the most powerful morning prayer?
  • How can I win the battle of spiritual warfare?
  • How can I be sure to hear the voice of Jesus?

Listen, you will probably end up referring back to this guide for years to come.

Here's every chapter you get...

  • Chapter 1—The Hidden Verse That Unlocks Your Whole Life (p1)
  • Chapter 2—Why Am I Here? What Should I Do With My Life? (p4)
  • Chapter 3—A New Way To Look At The Question, Who Am I? (p12)
  • Chapter 4—The Weird Miracle of the Blue Bike. (p20)
  • Chapter 5—Your Destiny is Fixed Already If You’re a Christian... Or Is It? (p30)
  • Chapter 6—Hearing God’s Voice For Normal People. (p47)
  • Chapter 7—Help With Finances if You Are Not a Giant of Faith. (p73)
  • Chapter 8—Need Answers From God Fast? (p106)
  • Chapter 9—The Sin Which No One Will Talk About; Not Even Your Pastor. (p124)
  • Chapter 10—How to Defeat Every Stubborn, Persistent Sin You Will Ever Face. (p139)
  • Chapter 11— The One Secret to Everything in the Christian Life. (p158)
  • Chapter 12—How to (Always) Feel Clean, Worthy and Loved. (p175)
  • Chapter 13—Inner Healing That Works, by Nazareth’s Carpenter. (p194)
  • Chapter 14—Six Killer Reasons Why God Ignores Your Prayers. (p216)
  • Chapter 15—The Truth About the Holy Spirit: How to Understand When God is Speaking, Leading and Guiding You. (p239)
  • Chapter 16—Had an Unusual Dream? How to Let God DirectYour Destiny Through Your Dream Life So You Succeed. (p267)
  • Chapter 17—The Path You Must Choose to Fulfil Your Destiny Properly.
  • About the Author—(p291)
  • Bibliography—(p300)
  • ALL 100% FREE. No catch at all.  To help the BODY OF CHRIST GET REAL AND WIN!

Your Guide is powerful, here's what people say...

Chris from New Zealand

“If you are looking for assurance that God really does love you, much more than you can imagine, and that He has great plans for your life, you will be mightily encouraged by this book. I almost read all 300 pages in one sitting!

Dave shares from his heart some of the gracious and miraculous ways that God has dealt with him during the past 26 years. There is a rare openness, vulnerability and honesty in this book, with Dave being willing to humble himself to share his weaknesses and sins.

This book is truly refreshing and unique among the multitude of other Christian literature.”

Ryan from Australia

“I am so enthralled and excited over your audiobook I'm listening to. I am still digging deep into Chapter 10… listened to it twice…

I have been one of “those” who so often feels ‘ruled’ by sin – I have often been tormented over not bearing good fruit...

I have been struggling with this for several years. I know you have a great call to do what you are doing and many will be changed dramatically.”

Phil from USA

“Hi Dave. I’m on page 296 of your book already and it’s only been four days!

I’ve been a Christian for six months, but your book covers things that nobody could help me with (and I was ashamed to tell people about actually).

I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to face up to what needs sorting in their life so they get real help to get free. Thanks Dave!”​

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Need to stop Satan's forces or sin wrecking lives?

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This one Biblical key you learn in our new workshop hands you all power to destroy every Satanic chain binding friends or family in guilt or sin.

Without begging GOD for deliverance. Without fighting spiritual warfare battles you keep losing because you give in. Imagine it is simple to overcome sin forever now. It is. Jesus will help you.

Imagine feeling good about YOU.

I am not making a false promise. I mean total VICTORY. (This core teaching changed Dave Alston's life forever - see below). Now picture Jesus handing this same victory to you.

 Well, here is your answer.

(I know it may sound unbelievable, yet when you read your free guide and understand what the new discipleship training in our free online workshop teaches you... you will agree what I say is true).

This new training is filled with power. It is 100% free.  Announcing our online...

Victory Discipleship Workshop: "The Strangely Easy Way Even Weak Christians Can Overcome All Stubborn Sins"

Private 90-120 minute online Workshop Webinar... new teaching on spiritual warfare.

Get Jesus' breaktrough for anyone bound by sins they can't defeat no matter how hard they try.

Christian Discipleship Victory Classes

Who is this Victory Workshop Webinar for?

  • It's for anyone who wants to know EXACTLY how to overcome every addictive, stubborn and persistent sin they will ever face.
  • Or for anyone who wants freedom from guilt, shame or condemnation because sin haunts them with a guilty conscience.
  • Or for brothers and sisters in Christ suffering constant Satanic attack including being targeted or oppressed by witchcraft.
  • Or for those who need to know how to discern accurately what has secretly been planted in their life by the enemy and how to remove it.
  • Or those who need to DRIVE OUT wicked spirits which may have established strongholds in a life by taking advantage of weaknesses.

How long is this Workshop Webinar  for?

  • 90-120 minutes approximately (it even may run over a bit, yet who cares if it totally changes your life?).
  • Therefore shut down all distractions when on the Webinar because it can revolutionise your life. If you dishonour the Holy Spirit by Facebooking etc during it, you may miss the FREEDOM Jesus wants you to receive when you are getting trained by not being focused.

What is a Webinar exactly?

  • It is a live or recorded web training workshop held online. This one is taught by Dave Alston.
  • 100 people may attend at any one time privately if they register their seat in time. Once seats are gone they are gone.
  • Attendees may also use the chat box to submit questions to Dave while on the webinar. 

Will this  cost me anything?

  • No. Your Victory Workshop Webinar and 300 page book guide are both 100% free.
  • However, you can donate here to help support us give away more training to help brothers and sisters, especially in poor nations.
  • NOTE: The 300 page guide you get is a PDF you will DOWNLOAD. If you wish, you may buy a PRINT copy instead here.
LOOK: We are on a mission to give away 1,000,000+ Guides and Victory Discipleship Workshops asap because the Body of Christ desperately needs this training NOW. Will you help us share this free training with others?

Why all this FREE?

  • Because GOD blessed the author (Dave Alston) so much. Jesus wants you to have the Guide and Workshop for no cost.
  • The author wants to obey GOD by helping disciple the Saints of GOD into breakthrough because it is the End Times.
  • GOD set him free and wants him to share this LIFE CHANGING message on how to get free with the Body of Christ with urgency. This is to help get His Bride ready before the soon coming great and terrible Day of the LORD so every saint is pure, clean and holy for that day.

Is There Any Other Training I Can Enjoy?

  • Yes. There are limited places on our LIVE  “7 Week Victory Discipleship School” (Oct 2018).

Victory Discipleship Schools? Tell Me More...

  • Victory Discipleship Schools (7 week) are taught LIVE by Dave Alston and his prayer mentor, Pastor J. Mwanakatwe.
  • Schools are NOT free. There are fees. Any workshop webinar attendee can download a prospectus with current fee schedules.
  • Schools are for those who prefer a guide to mentor them in how to overcome the enemy and walk in victory over sin. 
  • If you want full  details on these new, life changing schools  download your prospectus on the workshop.

Can I Honestly  Change My Life In 90-120 Minutes Because I  Learn How To Overcome All Sin Today?

To be brutally honest  for many reading, probably not because...

Dave Alston, author of "How To Unlock God's BIG Plan For Your Life" teaches this 90-120 Victory Discipleship Webinar

If you ignore what you learn in this workshop... you won't change. However, GOD does not lie... He wants to break every chain.  He will help you win, if  you act on what you learn. Try it yourself. It's the only way to test properly.

In this radical training Dave Alston will guide you how to win no matter how often you lost in the past.   And remember, Dave may well have been where you or a friend are now, yet he came out the other side victorious because  Jesus showed him  an astonishing way to have victory over sin EVERY DAY. Now he offers you help.

NOTE: In the workshop Dave teaches at speed. He  deliberately repeats key concepts. This is to embed these core truths deep into your spirit. So concentrate. Get all the LORD wants to give you in this training today.

If you do not pay attention it is easy to miss something crucial that could change your life. You may even miss the  full revelation the LORD wants to give you. Anyway see for yourself. There is no cost, yet think how much it will cost you not to attend because...

Look, may I speak plainly?

Now more then ever, as brothers and sisters in Christ we're at war with the Devil's forces in one form or another... you must learn how to crush them.

And if anyone reading this is under Satanic attack, suffering from witchcraft or struggling with addictive sin (such as "The Sin No One Talks About, Not Even Your Pastor")  you can experience victory over the enemy. You can feel clean, worthy and trusted by GOD because... perhaps the Holy Spirit led you here to finally overcome and get peace in your life.

So if you resonate with anything on this page or you're sick of praying the same way you've prayed for years (fighting Satan by yourself with bad results)… this free Christian Webinar is for you. Plus if anyone you know is wrecked by pornography addiction please share these free resources. As a Christian, radically up your game and hit back.

Therefore if you're ready to  become the hero you know you should be...  I am here to help guide you to victory.

Yes, you can feel good about YOU.

I say this boldly because by GOD's grace I've overcome huge  trials, temptations and innumerable evil onslaughts  in my life So if you're suffering, I know how you feel. However, Jesus gave me huge breakthrough...  and wants to help you.

Don’t listen to me though.

Listen to the Holy Spirit… what is HE saying to you?

Well if  the LORD says yes... click below to reserve your seat (thousands are reading this, so hurry)...​

 Question:  I'm still amazed... why is all this free? Answer:  Because Jesus loves you. He heard you pray.