About Us

Having been a Christian since 1984, Dave Alston noticed that many Christians who 'did Church' prayed and read their Bibles faithfully, still struggled with…

  • Feelings of unworthiness, guilt or shame.
  • Being unable to know God intimately as their Father.
  • Being helpless to overcome, destructive, addictive sins.
  • Misunderstanding the spiritual realm affecting them daily.
  • Knowing the true Holy Spirit of God; easily deceived instead.
  • Being trapped in cycles of inner pain, fear or sorrow for years.
  • Powerless to resist aggressive spiritual onslaughts on family.
  • Didn't now how to get consistent answers to their prayers.
  • Being confused what their lives are for or why they were born.
  • Being unsure how to pursue their GODLY calling and destiny.
David Alston

After seeing profound breakthroughs in his own life, Dave realised Jesus wanted him to share what the Holy Spirit taught him with others—so he wrote the book “How to Unlock God’s BIG Plan For Your Life.”

At Bible College Dave studied Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, Early Church History and he has a Cambridge Diploma of Religion. However seeing Jesus liberate folks from Satan's strongholds and deceptions is way better than simply studying books (Solomon agreed see Ecclesiastes 12:12).

You can see what we believe by reading our Statement of Faith.

Dave has been married since 1987, with four children. He loves recommending Jesus to people—because it is true, Jesus really does have the power to save to the uttermost those that come to God through Him, whatever their life experiences.

Dave attends a local Church in Cumbria and desires to serve the Lord each day in the profound words of the Westminster Shorter Catechism…

“The chief end of man is to glorify God; and to enjoy Him forever”

To sign off…

"Serve God knowing what you do counts for eternity and will reverberate both here, now and forever."