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A Much Simpler Way To Hear GOD

At Last There Is A Much Simpler Way To Hear GOD This article is taken from the chapter “Hearing God’s Voice For Normal People.” from “How To Unlock God’s Big Plan For Your Life.” I hope it helps simplify your prayer life and you pray powerful prayers.Praying in tune with the Holy Spirit is the secret of […]

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Is This Why GOD Ignores Your Prayers?

Ever asked “Why does God seem to ignore my prayers?” If so, help is here…First what do you think makes God happy or pleases Him? Faith?  Well yes, scripture says you are right, (see Hebrews 11 v 6). Yet how about… God answering YOUR prayers, simply because He is overjoyed with you?And did you know… Just as […]

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Our Power Daily Prayer Of Protection

Our Powerful Daily Prayer of ProtectionFirst the foundation for all powerful prayer…“The effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much”(James 5 v 16 KJV)Or you could put it this way… “Tremendous power is released for those who pray while living (continually) in righteousness as they call on God with passionate petition.” (My paraphrase and emphasis of […]

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7 Powerful Saints That Changed My Life

SEVEN Powerful Saints Of GOD That Changed My Life Let me suggest that behind every saint who has dared to believe GOD and attempt great things for Him, there are others who went before them and helped inspire them to do even better.For example, Joshua had Moses and Elisha had Elijah. In both these cases […]

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