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5 Christian Sites Every Believer Should Know

1. Living Waters

Probably one of the very best resources on the net in terms of getting real world “rubber hits the road” teaching and training on how to win people to Jesus, and grow disciples for the Kingdom of God. There is such good stuff here, you will do yourself an injustice not checking it out, if you have never yet visited.

To give you a feel of how gripping their material is, here are some popular titles I highly recommend you check out from them…

“Are You a Good Person?”

“Hells Best Kept Secret”“

"True and False Conversion”

Their site “Way of the Master” is a brilliant resource too.

Getting people properly saved and discipled is what Jesus wants us all to do. These guys have it down. Have a look at some of their live witnessing examples and see how it’s done. You need never be frightened to witness again!

Way of the Master Live Witnessing

Living Waters

(Their resources are a mixture of free and paid teaching and training products).

2. United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)

These guys have been such a blessing to my life. I like them because they are evangelical, solid and trustworthy, as well as being bang up to date.

Actually United Christian Broadcasters have about five channels and they are all good.

Personally I have my dial pretty much set to the Inspirational channel which has a really nice blend of contemporary worship, bible readings, and guest teachers such as David Pawson, Derek Prince, Colin Urquhart etc.

I also love their Bible only station which just gives you the pure Bible being read over the Internet 24/7/365. Listening to the Bible like this, really does your spirit good and builds you up on the inside. Often I have it in the background while I am working in the office (NOTE: They seem to have removed the Bible only resource now, so instead I listen via Bible Gateway instead which is also great).

They then have “The Word” which is actually targeted to a younger, Christian audience and has a variety of contemporary Christian music styles such as rock, hip hop etc.

They also have a TV channel with a full itinerary which you can even get view direct on your mobile and another channel which focuses purely on “Gospel” music.

To sum up I find UCB a “must have” Christian Radio station I play frequently.

Here is the site again…

United Christian Broadcasters

All the stations are free, though you can also buy books and audios from their shop if you wish.

3. Spirit Lessons

How to describe Spirit Lessons?

In two words; MIND BLOWING!

You can also add to that, inspiring, enriching, educative, challenging, scarily good.

There is such a rich vein of material included on this site, and brilliant Christian audio downloads.

A lot of the material covers areas such as what happens after you die, heaven and hell, living holy, the second coming of Christ, divine revelations and so, so much more!

However… I really can’t recommend this Christian site enough.

To be honest, if I were only be able to include just ONE resource on this list, this site would be the one. I would ditch the rest, it’s that good.

Seriously, do your soul good today and CHECK ‘EM OUT!

Spirit Lessons

Note: this site is not for the faint hearted… the shock might be too much for some but all the resources are free… awesomely brill!

4. Sermon Audio

Want solid Christian Teaching and Preaching? You got it, and plenty of it!

Over 500,000 sermons and Christian teaching downloads containing some really solid material that will keep you straight and true as a pilgrim on the highway to heaven.

Includes stuff by great saints such as D.L Moody, E.M. Bounds, A.W Tozer, A.W Pink, Wesley, Spurgeon, Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, and many more, including contemporary speakers such as Jackie Pullinger, Lance Lambert etc.

You can also listen to their Christian audios via Mobile phone, and everything on the entire site is 100% free. Spend some time there, it will prove a wise investment.

Sermon Audio

5. Chick Gospel Tracts And Cartoons

This final resource is something a little special. However, they are almost like a pleasurable, guilty secret.

I have known and used Chick Cartoon Booklets for over twenty years, and they just plain work.

Others must find the same thing too, because over 800 MILLION of these cartoon Gospel tracts have been distributed so far.

And here’s the thing, NOW YOU CAN LOAD THEM ONTO YOUR SMARTPHONE for free!

Anyhow, instead of talking, just look at this one to give you an idea of how good they are. (The print versions are WAY better in terms of visibility, readability, etc – kids, teens, adults, old folks alike all LOVE them!)

They are addictive reading, to old or young. I know people are in heaven because I have given them these cartoons.

To finish up this section on Chick, I must add this important caveat...


Chick can get a little “out there” and too near to ardent red neck territory for my liking when they stray into bashing certain things.

However there is no disputing that with their mainstream, solid gospel message centred tracts, they simply grab people’s attention like little else on earth and deliver the whole Gospel in a way that hits the target every single time. Like I said above though, people are in heaven now because I simply handed them these tracts.

Have a look for yourself and see what you think.

Chick Cartoon Tracts

Well, there we have it brothers and sisters. Those are five Christian resources, pretty much free which I love, but why stop at five. Do you have any you would like to add to the list above, that you think should make this “must have” list. If so, add them below, and if you can say why you like ‘em, even better still.

Blessings, Dave.