Holiness Means You Should Feel Clean – Gods Big Plan For Your Life

Keep It Simple; Holiness Means You Should Feel Clean

Holiness, power, sanctification, victory, peace, joy; what have they in common?

I'll tell you... they're all irrelevant to a believer, if they miss the secret of what it means to feel loved by GOD, deep down in their emotions, so they actually FEEL clean and worthy as they walk with Jesus every day.

Jesus said, the letter kills but the Spirit gives life, and it is so true.

You may attend Church till you're blue in the face, chase Preachers and Guru's till you are dizzy and get hands laid on you at expensive conferences until your hair wears off. Yet if you don't come away FEELING GOOD, KNOWING you have power to live the way God wants you to and can feel His approval, peace and ABIDING presence then I suggest you need to take a different approach.

Look elsewhere. Go direct. Jesus is waiting for you.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter Twelve of the book "How To Unlock God's Big Plan For Your Life" (which you can download for free here - all 300 pages) that is also incredibly important if you want to feel at clean and at peace with God every single day, which is hardly ever preached about at all, which to be honest really concerns me...

From Chapter Twelve: "How To (Always) Feel Clean, Worthy And Loved."

However, on a DAILY BASIS you must also pay close attention to one of the most neglected aspects of the Christian walk.

With the help of the Holy Spirit must monitor YOUR CONSCIENCE.

Many believers simply do not realise how important their conscience is. They think that feeling bad about sin is often just Satan condemning them.


And because they misinterpret the scripture...

"There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8 v 1 NKJV).

(By misquoting it, through cutting it short - please, please, please get this; it is a CONDITIONAL promise to those who "walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit" (Romans 8 v 1b). ONLY if you are consistently walking after the spirit may you claim a life without condemnation).... they never truly understand why they still feel guilt or shame.

This is because they fail to grasp WHY God gave them a conscience in the first place.

God gave you a conscience so you would know the difference between good and evil... and to warn when evil approached so you would avoid it in the same way radar warns of danger approaching. It was given to you as a daily GUIDE. It guides you towards doing good, and away from the danger of doing evil by warning you in advance if you are about to do something wrong so you turn away before it's too late.

However, once you are born again your conscience becomes even more powerful, because in addition, the Holy Spirit shines light into it to convict and reprove you of activities that He does not approve of.

The more a believer allows the Spirit of God to shine light into his conscience like this, the more sensitive he will become to it reproving wrong attitudes, sins and all manner of wrong that under-gird believers with an uneasy sense of guilt and unworthiness before God.

Your conscience is designed to face you up with things that are not right for you, so you will repent and get them sorted with God.

The second reason for conscience is that it gives you an easy to understand GAUGE indicating whether you have a CLEAN, happy conscience before God, and tells you what you do on a daily basis is acceptable before the Lord.

(NOTE: I'm not talking about being accepted by God in the sense of Jesus making us acceptable to God in terms of salvation, I'm talking here in terms of LEARNING on a daily basis what is acceptable behaviour to God and what is not).

Keep an eye on this gauge and make sure it remains in a happy state of peace and clarity before God. Doing so will enable you to have BOLDNESS, before Him in prayer and also fellowship among your brothers and sisters (1 John 1 v 7).

If you don't possess a clear conscience you forsake the following...

  • Clear, happy daily fellowship with God.
  • Boldness to ask for things in prayer from God--you KNOW you can't ask,because conscience is CONVICTING you on a certain point. If this happens with you, ask God to clearly show you what is offending Him and repent of it... immediately. Until you do, you will have no power to pray.
  • Getting answers to prayer--unless your conscience is CLEAR before God you will STRUGGLE to receive what you seek from God. Remember, most promises of God are CONDITIONAL, God WILL NOT answer your prayers if you refuse your CONSCIENCE when it convicts you of sin.

I cover more on this in the chapter "Six Killer Reasons Why God Ignores Your Prayers" but if you really want to feel clean and loved it is ESSENTIAL that you monitor your conscience on a DAILY basis and respond to it's urges and promptings because it is directly illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

God will also use your conscience to SAVE you from trouble, such as when you should have paid a bill which is way overdue perhaps.

In the back of your mind you may feel a vague sense of unease, yet you choose not to deal with, considering it to maybe be a small thing. Yet know this--if it has been highlighted in your conscience like this, IT IS NOT SMALL.

Get it sorted.

[End of excerpt]

Beloved, there is one thing you can be certain of, Jesus ALWAYS wants you to feel clean, worthy and loved. It's simply part of God's Big Plan For You. Seek first His Kingdom because He will give it you.