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Inner Healing Never Works For These Type Of Christians

Have you had prayer for inner healing? Have you ever been to Christian counselling? I ask because I have on about seven different occasions and also once a month for about ten months about twelve years ago.

Christian counselling helped, sometimes with huge breakthroughs that moved me forward in my Christian walk with Jesus very significantly. Funnily enough, later I even ended up working in the publicity office of an International Christian Healing Ministry which let me to observe at close hand those who came for help.

Some were desperate for healing and deliverance.

Some got it, some did not... yet why?

While there...

  • I noticed not everyone got healed.
  • Not everyone got delivered.
  • Not everyone left happy.
  • Not everyone left with breakthroughs and freedom.

But then on the other hand...

Many did - often amazingly so.

It was awesome hearing the astonishing testimonies these people gave about when Jesus healed them and set them free. Many times their eyes flooded with tears, and sometimes we in the staff could not hold back our tears as we listened either.

Jesus is like that though... ALWAYS so, so GOOD!

Anyhow, if you've ever considered having Christian counselling or perhaps have had it in the past and it didn't go so well, then you may like to read today's latest article taken from the chapter..."Inner Healing That Works, From Nazareth's Carpenter."

In it you'll learn how to make it easy on yourself when you need healing; from how to choose a healing ministry (and what to AVOID) through to making sure you keep what you receive in counselling, so your life really does get transformed.

It's vital because (I say this with great compassion, I've also been there, broken inside) ...unless you allow Jesus to heal and transform you from the inside out so you become whole it's very unlikely you will have the inner strength, peace and fortitude needed to follow through and execute "God's Big Plan For Your Life."

Basically, you'll miss the best God has for you, doing something only YOU can do... fulfil your destiny!

So does christian inner healing work?

You bet.

Jesus invented it!

This excerpt from chapter thirteen shows you what to look for...

From Chapter Thirteen:  "Inner Healing That Works From Nazareth's Carpenter."

Going to Christian counselling for help and ministry can be a very effective way to receive healing and breakthroughs in your personal life.

It can also speed the process up too. First, though to get the most out of counselling please note two things James highlights...

  1. You will need to be honest - and confess your sins to the other party willing to help you. Complete honesty, can be hard, but is essential before God and man - if you really want to see God break through supernaturally on your behalf.
  2. James says the prayer of a RIGHTEOUS PERSON is powerful and effective. Therefore make sure THOSE PRAYING FOR YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS. Ask the Lord to lead you by His Spirit to the right counsellors that will be powerful and effective in prayer for you to get the job done properly. 

You want to seek out people or ministries FULL of the Holy Spirit and the power of God, and full of integrity, kindness and love. The Lord will show you where to go and who to ask. Additionally, YOU will also need to walk in righteousness in order for your prayers to be become "powerful and effective" before God.

Obviously if you are battling with compulsive behaviours and issues you may often be discouraged by setbacks, but the key is to keep a short account with God, confess your sins immediately to Him as they happen, receive forgiveness and get back to righteous living as quick as you can.

Trust that God will break the chains you are suffering from and lead you to the right help - if you are genuine with Him, He will.

It is also important to stand on the truth that you have been forgiven, and use that truth as a sword to cut down and defeat the lies and condemnation that Satan loves to heap on those struggling to break free. His condemnation is a key enemy of yours - give it no quarter and strike it down by saying out loud statements in prayer like...

"Even though I may have sinned, in my heart of hearts I long to please God, and I have repented of this sin [name whatever the sin is].

On the basis of what God says I declare I am forgiven and that the Bible says there is NO CONDEMNATION for me NOW because I am in Christ Jesus and I choose not to walk not after the flesh, but after God.

I refuse all Satanic condemnation, guilt or shame concerning this [particular sin here] any longer in the name of Jesus Christ."

And remember, God looks on the heart, not just the compulsive, addictive behaviours that you may be struggling with presently.

If your true hearts desire is to walk in holiness and righteousness and you GENUINELY loathe the thing binding you, then you will find God makes a way for you to become free - it's only a matter of time before you will get the victory. Just follow Him as He leads you.

We will now explain the key areas that you should make sure are covered when you go to get counselling. Be certain beforehand that those you receive counselling or ministry from have a solid understanding in each area. (Keep looking for help elsewhere if they don't).

[End Of Excerpt]

I hope those points help, because to be honest most folks could do with some help from Christian counselling, because for all of us this world can dish out painful times which wound and sometimes harm us for years, no matter who we are. Should that be the case, and you find yourself in a position where you do not know how to pray effectively to receive the answers or inner healing or deliverance you need... then ask the LORD to lead you to get help via some form of Christian ministry or counselling.

And if you are at that point right now don't put it off one day longer. Don't be proud. Seek help now!

I stupidly put off counselling for years.

That basically meant I just prolonged my misery, and also made my wife and children suffer all the while I continued in my stubborn, strong willed way that refused God's help. I was unwise, but it does not mean you are. Get help. Jesus will heal you - if you put yourself in a position to let Him.

Until next time, may God HEAL you and make you whole in Jesus!

Oh, I nearly forgot... who are the type of Christians who inner healing never works for?

Well those who just see getting healed as an end in itself. Christians who only want to get healed so they can have a better life, without having to do anything to help or serve anyone else. They don't get healed!

So if you need healing desperately, please take note of the observation above. Your heart attitude will most likely decide whether you get the healing or deliverance you so desperately. Don't ruin your chances through  a selfish attitude and unwillingness to help others.

Consider this a gentle yet clear warning...​

Selfishness and a stubborn refusal to act as a disciple of Jesus will cripple your chance of receiving healing from Christ. This no matter how much Christian counselling you have or how many healing meetings you attend.

I cover this more fully in the whole chapter, so if you want to read more, just help yourself to the whole 300 page book because it is free to download.​