At Last There Is A Much Simpler Way To Hear GOD

This article is taken from the chapter "Hearing God's Voice For Normal People." from "How To Unlock God's Big Plan For Your Life." I hope it helps simplify your prayer life and you pray powerful prayers.

Praying in tune with the Holy Spirit is the secret of learning how to pray successful prayers of course. Then when you learn how to hear and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in everyday life, you can look forward to results which are anything but normal!

This chapter includes...

  • "The Strange Miracles Of The New Office And It's Furniture."
  • "The Unusual Holiday Visit To Church Which Left A Man £500.00 Better Off And Foretold His Future Frighteningly Accurately."
  • "Dealing With Anti-Social Behaviour Supernaturally: One Man, Four Thugs And A Lead Pipe."
  • "The Midnight Caller And Suicidal Guilt."

From Chapter Six: "Hearing God's Voice For Normal People"

One month after I had prayed my first prayer, I moved in!

I got the keys to my new office, eight minutes walk from my home on... 31st March!

I was in!


Once I was in, I had a wee problem.

I had no office furniture, and was quite loathe to spend out on expensive desks, sofas or tables just so that occasional visitors could have a nice professional environment to visit me in. So I began looking at the classified adverts in the local paper to see if there was anything I could pick up for a good price and without too much hassle to collect.

After a week or so, though I thought to myself... "I can't really be bothered to go through all this hassle of hunting down office furniture like this, plus I really don't have time to do it anyway."

So I prayed (should have done this in the first place!).

I said...

"Lord, could you not just GIVE me the office furniture I need? I really can't be bothered hunting about looking for stuff, and besides I just don't have the time. Will you please just bring me what I need, and quickly too because I REALLY need a new desk, in Jesus' Name, Amen."

Next day a funny thing happened.

I had a visit from a sales consultant, who had been seeing the business next door to mine. He asked what I did as we bumped into each other in the corridor. I explained I had a web design business, and as his company offered a web service we thought there could be some potential in offering his products as an additional service to my clients, so I invited him in for a coffee and we had a fruitful meeting.

As we concluded, the consultant looked around at the (very) sparse furnishings and said..."Do you need any office furniture?"

I said... "Funny you should mention that, I was only thinking about it yesterday. Why, what did you have in mind?"

He explained that his brother was winding up a car dealership business, and that they needed to vacate their building before the end of that week... including all the office furniture. Basically they needed to offload as much furniture as they could, so they wouldn't have to store it.

I mentioned I needed a desk - he said "What about sofas for visitors?"I said... "Er yes, them too."

He said, "What about some nice round tables and good chairs for clients to sit round if you need to hold meetings together?"

I agreed... "Er, yep them too, er... please."

He replied...

"Great, you can take your pick from our showroom in Falkirk. I will phone my brother to let him know you are coming. Oh, and by the way, we don't want any money for anything you do decide to take. I'll be glad if you are able to help us out, that's all."

That Saturday my son and I went up to the car dealership and couldn't believe our eyes... I was given a choice between FIVE professional desks, two boardroom tables, four sofas, and all sorts of different cabinets, tables and assorted matching chairs.

The following Monday morning, my new office now had...

  • A beautiful, large modern SOLID OAK desk with drawers.
  • A large rectangular table, perfect as a secondary computer desk.
  • Two very nice, large matching sofas, one four seater, one two seater.
  • Two large modern round tables for clients, with eight matching chairs.
  • All in pristine condition - beautiful.

First week, I couldn't wait to get to work, just to sit and admire how cool my office was!


And here's the secret, so similar things can happen for you...

"I being in the way, the LORD led me." (Genesis 24 v 27 KJV)

It may seem a small scripture but there is a lot in it, so listen carefully when God whispers to you ever so gently.

And talking of hearing God's whisper in your heart, I hope that what happens in the next story will inspire you to seek God even more to speak with you, because believe me destinies are fulfilled that way.

Maybe yours will too?

[End Of Excerpt]

Would you like God to lead you into blessings like this too?

He definitely wants too!

Sometimes though, we don't even know we are BLOCKING His blessings.

Don't worry though, we cover that fully in the later chapter entitled..."Six Killer Reasons Why God Ignores Your Prayers." I'm always surprised by how few Christians, many who have been believers for years, don't know these huge hindrances to getting their prayers answered.

Until next time...