Prayer Warfare Workshop Miracle Stories

Formerly Defeated Dad Finally Learns How To Rise Up And Drive The Powers Of Darkness Out... And Win

Well it’s been a few months since we put up the free Victory Discipleship Workshop and we have had great feedback from attendees.

Life changing actually :)

However I am a little surprised not more people have attended it to be totally honest.

Especially when we get testimonials like this from it…

“Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for your message, book and course [workshop] that you have created and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Thank You to Jesus that protects you and try to help us all around the world.

Every morning I am wearing the coat of Jesus.

I am a new man thanks to Jesus who died on the cross with my old man.

I thank God that planted a good seed in me and I thank Jesus for, He is the Vine and I am a small branch, with Him, by grace and faith, I can make good fruits, without Him I am nothing.

I can see this now!

It is amazing!

It's like a big spring clean has been done.

Quite a few miracles have happened in such short time.

It is awesome how I can burn and how I burned a lot of bad [Satanic*] seeds and bad plants, and I Thank Jesus to help me in my path of righteousness.


[*Emphasis added]

Isn’t that wonderful!

Plus this man’s daughter also got saved and baptised in water with him.

And he even just led his own elderly dad to Christ as well!

Shall I let you into a secret though?

This dear brother has gone through this FREE two hour workshop at LEAST SIX TIMES.

He started from NOWHERE.

From totally being on the back foot... under attack day and night from wicked spirits.


He persevered.

He learned how to war.


Now he's realised at last, he can defeat the very demons that used to torment him.

Today they run from HIM, not the other way round. Praise GOD!​

It's true…

He is CRUSHING the wicked spirits that used to kick him to pieces previously.

It was not easy for him though when he first got in touch with us...

He hurt… yet he picked up his sword and began the difficult, dangerous journey to freedom, victory and honour before GOD. He rose up determined to become a champion for those who desperately needed him to win his bitter struggle against invisible hosts of wickedness.

And why not.

He is a blood bought son of the living GOD.

He was NEVER destined to fail by the LORD. No, His Father in heaven created him to WIN!

At the start this brother was so defeated, most people would have given up if they knew what he faced.

Yet, he didn’t...

He got up and went to the LORD in prayer

In return...

Jesus is thrilled by the heart of this dear humble brother, who a only few months ago was being beaten black and blue by the devil. Now he is getting his revenge on his tormentors. Now he is driving out the demons that used to rip his home life to shreds.

From now on, he has decided... he calls the shots.

He watches guard as a KING AND PRIEST to His GOD and King, and he decides what is and what is not permitted in his home... through prayer.

Now he knows exactly what to do to stop evil spirits dead in their tracks; how to bind them, how to silence them, how to strike the evil spirits down with BLINDNESS so they cannot see to move forward and attack him. Yep, he's learned a lot in a short amount of time.


This brother is GOD’s hero in that little family which is being liberated through the power of his razor sharp prayers now!

(Well done Antonio, you are a superstar :)

Anyhow, enough of other people...

What about you?

Who is depending on you to break through?

Be encouraged...

Jesus will help you too if you just cry to Him with an honest, humble heart.