The London Witch Doctor And The Man Who Tried To Murder Me

A few weeks before I finally figured out who God really was, a man tried to kill me.

However, this was no ordinary man.

After what I share below with you occurred I was left in no doubt that there are two invisible kingdoms at war with one another in this present worldthe Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan.

And it was the first time I discovered the remarkable power of the name of Jesus Christ.

All this before I was even a believer.

I have always felt a great affinity with Jamaicans and Africans, many of whom are dear friends of mine, maybe because I was also born in Africa (Zomba, Malawi actually). As a young man of seventeen I became very close friends with some Jamaicans who lived in the town next to me. By the time I was twenty we were like brothers to one another.

We all shared a love of reggae music and the central character in the strange story that follows actually taught me how to play reggae drums really well. To this day I still love playing in that style. In Ska and Calypso music there is a wonderful lilt which seems to cause the infectious, laid back beauty of the Caribbean to seep into your very bones.

Anyhow, let me introduce my very dear friend from that time called Reginald.

Reginald was a brilliant singer, musician and producer and a Rastafarian.

He took me under his wing and helped me learn to play drums. He’d had some small success with one or two records but was forever seeking that elusive record deal that would break him into proper success. We talked of making some records together in Jamaica.

At the time British reggae bands like Aswad and UB40 were leaping up the UK music charts, but my friend’s music had a harder, more militant edge to it. It had a more rootsy Jamaican feel probably because Reginald was from Jamaica, not having long arrived in UK.

I was soon to discover it had a more spiritual side too.

Note: not everything spiritual is good.

As I spent more and more time with Reginald he almost became like a “guru” to me, advising me not just on how to progress as a musician, but also along life’s quest itself. He was always encouraging to explore my ‘roots’ so I began studying various Indian religions because my mother was Indian, a Sikh from the Punjab in Northern India.

Because he was a lot older, I swallowed what he said almost without questioning it. He advised me on many things and particularly spiritual matters.

This was to prove very dangerous as you’ll see.

My other good Jamaican friend at the time was called Henry… also a Rasta.

He had a full head of dreadlocks and a smile that seemed to bring sunshine wherever he went. At six foot four and former 3rd Parachute Regiment army boxing champion he was pretty hard to ignore, but also someone it was impossible to dislike.

I loved him so much—what a great guy!

So these were my best two West Indian friends; Henry and Reginald.

Now here’s the thing…

Because Reginald was such a powerful spiritual influence in my life at that point I pretty much believed everything he said to me, but there was one thing that always seemed wrong to me.

Reginald said that everything in the Bible was true.

He claimed that Moses, Jeremiah, Elijah etc were all prophets of God and everything written in the pages of the Bible was true… all except one thing…

Where it said that Jesus was the Son of God… Reginald said that was NOT true.

Instead, He insisted that the Emperor Halie Selassie of Ethiopia was the Son of God and not Jesus. (Rastafarians have their own version of the Bible called the Piby).

He said that was why the Piby had been written, to correct these sorts of Biblical “errors”.

According to Reginald’s interpretation of Rastafarianism, anywhere the Bible made claims that Jesus was the Son of God, it was wrong.

This rankled with me, especially because by this stage I had begun voraciously reading both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible for myself. As far as I could see, it all hung together seamlessly and seemed pretty obvious that Jesus really was who He said He was the one and only Son of the true, living God.

Strange things began to happen…

Over a period of about two years I noticed that Reginald began acquiring unusual power.  At the time I concluded that this must be the power of God which he talked about on many occasions. I could feel this power increasing as time went on, yet so did bouts of erratic behaviour on his part, and I wondered where he was getting this power from.

He said he had the power of God that would give him whatever he wanted.

He was deadly serious.

Reginald did possess supernatural power… I knew that.

I could feel it, see it in operation.

His new source of power intrigued me more and more so I asked Henry where Reginald was going when he travelled up to London each week. Henry replied that each week he visited the “Obeah man” which is Jamaican for the “spell man” also known as the witch doctor.

His new found source of power was coming from these sessions with this man.

Then things began to get weird…

We started to notice radical changes in Reginald’s personality.

There were times when it didn’t even seem like the real person was present any more. Instead multiple personalities seemed to express themselves through his body just as they wished. He became aggressive and very domineering to everyone around him. It was scary.

Then one day Henry told me that Reginald had disappeared and no one had seen him for nearly three weeks (I had not been able to get in contact with him either and all seemed strangely silent). He said he was very worried about Reginald because he was getting more and more involved with the Obeah man and learning to use magic to cast spells etc.

A week later, I just knew something terrible had happened to Reginald.

I went to find Henry to find out what was going on. When I got there Henry was terrified, and believe me, the ex boxing champ of 3 Para Regiment was not someone you easily terrified.

He explained…

Reginald had recently returned from a trip to the Obeah man in London again, only this time he really seemed to have lost the plot. In the end he’d walked up the centre of the main shopping street of town completely nude, shouting out Rastafarian slogans to startled onlookers.

The Police detained him for a while for his own and public safety but once freed, some of his ‘friends’ later paid him a visit.

They caught and beat him from head to foot violently with wooden sticks and batons.

Six men, severely thrashed him to an inch of his life.

Evidently they had tried to exorcise him, and drive out a whole nest of demons that they felt had come to lodge in their friends soul and body.

When Henry told me this, I was shocked and told him I must go to see Reginald immediately.

Literally shaking with fear, Henry said it would be a crazy thing to do, because Reginald was so far gone and now extremely violent to almost everyone.

He said…

“He’s got the strength of ten men. Don’t go Dave, don’t go. It’s too dangerous for you.”

I told Henry straight that Reginald and I were good friends and I could not just leave him. I explained (even though I was not a Christian at this time), that Jesus would look after me. So I picked up a Bible and ran round to his flat nearby.

Henry came with me, but when the door opened, he refused to come inside. He was too afraid. I went in but it was strange seeing my friend indeed. It just didn’t look like him.

The person that opened the door to me had a white sheet wrapped around him (as if he were some strange king) and was wearing only boxer shorts. Sure, though it appeared like Reginald, at the same time, he seemed almost someone else.

A terrible atmosphere of dread cloaked his flat and I looked over at Reginald as he sat on the edge of his bed. His whole face and body were covered with welts and bruising from the beating he had received from his “friends”.

He looked terrible.

Then as I began to ask what had happened he seemed to go into some kind of trance, with a mixture of strange eery cackles and odd voices gurgling up from deep in his chest.

Suddenly he leaped up so his face was just six inches from mine. This time I KNEW it was not Reginald. As I looked into his eyes, it was as if his entire personality had been consumed by SOMEONE ELSE who was looking out at me through his eyes.

A shiver went down my spine, and I remembered why Henry did not want to stay.

A WEIRD BEING was inside my friends body which emanated PURE WICKED EVIL.

I felt scared, yet also angry because I wanted to know where my friend was.

But I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

His right hand shot out and grabbed me around my throat… then his other hand came up beside it and slammed me back against the wall.

He began squeezing my throat hard.

I couldn’t believe it and hardly had time to respond. This “thing” in him seemed to laugh at my stupidity for coming to try and help my friend.

He began squeezing my throat tighter and tighter.

He was a well built West Indian and ten years older than I. I was a skinny twenty year old and pretty weak to say the least. It did not look good for me, and by now I could hardly breathe. There was only one thing left I could do.

I began to pray silently but then I wriggled free a bit and managed to squeak out loud a few words as I prayed with all my heart…

“Jesus, please help me, Jesus please help me!”

I kept repeating this prayer over and over, until suddenly something like incredibly strong currents of electricity began crackling and flashing around the room, like light sabres.

My eyes were suddenly opened and I could see into the spiritual realm.

These beams of light I could see were slashing back and forth between Reginald and I. They were like swords locked in combat in some sort of violent, invisible struggle.

Yet, the more I cried out…

“Jesus, please help me, Jesus please help me!”

The more I prayed, the more I knew this evil thing was weakening. I began to feel his grip around my throat slipping too. Next thing I KNEW Jesus was standing directly in front of me facing Reginald. Even though I could not see Him, yet I KNEW He was there, defending me, protecting me.

Next He tore Reginald’s hands away from my throat and forced him back towards the bed.

I gasped, at last able to breathe properly.

Then this “Invisible Person” (though I knew it was Jesus) forced Reginald down onto the bed itself.

He resisted and desperately tried to fight back struggling to stand up again but he could not. In the end the Spirit of God pinned him directly onto the bed. It was as if Jesus put huge straps across Reginald’s chest and legs which he found impossible to break free from.

He tried though, sweat poured from his face, the veins on his forehead and arms bulged with effort, yet he could not move. No matter what he tried to do, he could not get back up off the bed and attack me again, even though he tried all the while snarling as he did so.

I stood in amazement watching Reginald writhing on the bed, unable to escape.

All I could do in response was say…

​“Thank you Jesus for saving me, thank you for helping me. Please help Reginald. Please destroy these horrible things that are hurting him. Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus. Thank for hearing my prayer. Thank you for protecting me.”

After about twenty minutes I stopped praying but then within a few minutes, just when I thought it was safe for me to go to the toilet, Reginald sat upright on the bed and began snarling once more, and then lunged at me again!


I didn’t need telling twice.

I prayed to Jesus again and SLAM!

Reginald was thumped down onto his back on the bed once more.

Secure and as if chained like a mad dog.

He was unable to move.

I stayed in that room with him for the next hour, praying gently to maintain him in this position of submission, all the while asking Jesus to bring the “real” Reginald back again.

Eventually a great sense of peace flooded the room and Reginald suddenly opened his eyes and said “Dave, what are you doing here?!”

He had been oblivious to almost all of what had happened.

I explained what had taken place. I told him that the Emperor Halie Selassie was NOT the Son of God, and that ONLY Jesus Christ ALONE was the Son of God. I asked Reginald to repeat that truth after me and he did.

After this he came round fully and back to his normal state. The room was filled with an indescribable sense of peace and the REAL power of God rested gently on us both. This was the beautiful presence of God, not Satan’s counterfeit which had been DECEIVING Reginald for so long and fully intending to lead him straight into hell.

And that is the story of my friend Reginald.

Within a short while I gave my life to Jesus and became a Christian. Now I knew the truth, it was impossible to go back to believing the mishmash of half truths I had done previously.

Jesus said…

“You shall KNOW the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8 v 32 NJKV)

I wish I could say the same about Reginald.

The last I heard of him, he had returned to the Obeah man in London and I never saw him again.

So why did I share this story with you?

To explain that in this life there are THREE sources of spiritual power.

1. God’s power.
2. Satan and his forces power.
3. The power you have in your own human spirit and soul.

Now you may not have had a dramatic experience like the one described above (or you may have had far more frightening ones)… it does not matter. It is irrelevant actually.

Instead it is essential that you understand these different sources of power exist. You need to know the ABSOLUTE REALITY of the invisible realm that surrounds every single one of us here on earth. You need to understand the TYPE of power you are drawing upon as you live each day of your life.

For example musicians can play allowing their music to flow out of three sources…

1. Their own soul = NEUTRAL. Can do good or be harmless to those who listen or play.
2. Demonic power = HARMFUL to them and their listeners (death metal bands etc).
3. God’s power = GOOD and brings blessing to musician and listener alike.


If you do not learn to DISCERN where power that operates in your life comes from, you may be vulnerable to DECEPTION and Satan will be able to bind you in many areas of your life.

But most important of all, I shared this true story to show you the FAR SUPERIOR FIREPOWER we have as believers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

So use the mighty Name of Jesus no matter what you face, for at His name every knee must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2 v 10). His Name will give you victory no matter what Satanic forces ever seek to oppose you, 100% guaranteed by the Blood of Jesus.