What The Armour Of God Really Is

Remember when Satan sees you, He sees Jesus first, because your life is “HIDDEN with Christ in GOD” (Col3:3).

Think about how powerful that is!

Satan knows his only way to defeat you is to KEEP YOU FROM FULLY UNDERSTANDING THIS TRUTH because once you know it, his deception is over. Then you become far harder to defeat by his lies.

In fact you start putting Satan’s forces into panic.

They become the ones on the back foot, and retreat because you begin to devastate their works, just like Jesus did while He was here on earth, going about doing good and healing all who were OPPRESSED of the Devil (Act’s 10:38).


No matter what you face, know you are IN JESUS, just as if you are inside at the top of a mighty fortress looking down at your enemy far below, and Jesus is standing right there beside you… smiling, because He knows, that by this stage YOU ALSO KNOW YOU HAVE THE VICTORY!

Just stay in the citadel of GOD (Castle Jesus), and keep pouring boiling OIL over the walls down upon the heads of your enemy far, far below, because the weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but they are MIGHTY through GOD to destroy him as you do.

The OIL is the Holy Anointing OIL of the Holy Spirit’s prayer in, through and with you, the more you pray directed by Him, the more it destroys the heads of your enemies… who are far beneath your feet in Jesus.

  • Meditative prayer
  • WARRING Prayer
  • SHOUTING Declarative prayer… I LOVE this (but neighbours go very quiet!)
  • Petitionary prayer
  • Thanksgiving prayer

One last thing; when you put the Armour of GOD on and walk towards your adversary, what does he see?

Answer: He sees someone covered HEAD TO FOOT IN GOD’S Armour coming right at him!

Because of that YOU LOOK LIKE GOD to Satan… and he is terrified you are going to find that out! (That’s why David had such confidence against Goliath btw – he knew he was COVERED by his Heavenly Father even in battle).

Finally… think about this. JESUS IS YOUR ARMOUR HIMSELF!


Arise dear one and be of good cheer!

Jesus is on your side :)