What To Pray Each Morning To Defeat Satan; Powerful and Simple

For many years I prayed a lot in tongues, and I still do.

If you’ve not yet had the joy of being baptised (read ‘drenched’) in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues I suggest seeking God with deepest hunger, until He blesses you with this priceless gift.


I don’t want to talk about how to pray in the Holy Spirit in tongues today.

Instead I would like to give you a prayer that was laid on my heart by the Holy Spirit and that I have prayed every day for the past ten years. I have found it is very effective if you pray it in simple, believing faith.

Here’s the background and reason why it works so well…

Back in the day I began to notice that fairly frequently no matter how ‘holy’ I felt after my prayer times in the morning, sometimes later in the day, when I would meet certain people I would feel anything but holy. For example, perhaps a feeling of lust would kick in (towards a certain attractive woman) or maybe anger would begin to boil in me, within a few seconds of meeting some folk.

It just seemed that on these type of occasions, a strong tendency to sin would immediately rise up in my heart and I did not know why, but it did not happen with everyone (for example there were many equally attractive women that did not trigger a quick stirring towards lust) and I wondered why.

It seemed strange and I needed an answer that worked.


First God showed me that it “takes two to tango” and that there were hidden strongholds that needed dealing with in my own heart. Because of these the enemy had a legal right to oppress me and that demonic links (chains/bindings/ties) were holding me in bondage to these recurring sins.

To get free I had to truly repent of these sins, and ask God to break every one of those hidden links, and deliver me from the strongholds the enemy had oppressed me and held me captive in.

Thankfully He did.

But here’s the thing… God also showed me that these demonic links “linked me up” with others who had similar issues in their own heart. The demons linked up with other demons afflicting certain people (which were also holding them in bondage to similar sins).

Therefore as soon as I would meet these types of people “BAM!” there was an instant invisible, sometimes unspoken connection, and it was very dangerous. Were it not for the grace of God, there were occasions (perhaps when away on business etc) when these ungodly connections could easily have destroyed my witness for Jesus and torn my marriage apart.

Thankfully Jesus is faithful and even when these volatile links were triggered in me, I was able to get strength from Him to turn away, but I still needed to be free from these invisible links, because I knew they were still “live” inside me, so I began to seek God for answers and keys that worked.

This is what I saw as He began to explain all this to me...

Demonic Linking

To explain the image above a little; if a person has a persistent secret sin, it attracts demonic bondage which cause the person to become even more tightly bound, but then what happens is that (almost like a pack of hyenas) demons work in groups, linking TOGETHER through other people’s weaknesses and bondage.

When that person meets another with a similar hidden sin, the demons reinforcing that sin in the believer, then team up with their allies afflicting the other person and draw the two people together to cause them to commit further sin, maybe anger, lust, gossiping, backbiting etc.

As the two people get drawn like this, if they do not spot what is happening and sin is executed, then it gives the demons surrounding both parties more legal control to bind each one further still.

So as you can see from the image above, the invisible world is VERY ACTIVE indeed, but the good news is that we can lean on the Bible promise which says that “There are MORE with us then those that be with them! [ie Kingdom of darkness]” (2 Kings 6 v16 my paraphrase and insert)

And to be honest, when you have Jesus with you, you have more than enough firepower for ANY situation, demonic or otherwise you may uncover as you seek God to reveal if there any hidden strongholds in your life which are giving the powers of darkness permission to oppress, bind or lead you into dangerous situations.

To get freedom I went through these three steps...

  • Repent with all my heart of my deepest darkest sins. God also compelled me to go to my Pastor (and other wise leaders, plus one or two counsellors) confess my sins and make myself accountable to them. Note: this is essential if you find yourself stuck fast in any sin you cannot overcome. Psalm 66 v 18 says, “If I regard [cherish/secretly love] iniquity in my HEART, the LORD will not hear.”

    You simply MUST bring yourself (and sins) into the light because… God is light, and fully in the light is the ONLY place where He deals with things and it will only be the LIGHT that He sheds into your particular situation that will enable you to UNDERSTAND exactly how HE plans to break you free.

    Each persons walk is different, and very often the exact steps God gives will be unique to YOU, specially given by Jesus just for your circumstance. The secret to getting this key from Him is closely walking with Jesus.

    THEN He WILL reveal light so you finally see what has been hindering your freedom He will enable you to be able to pray through and receive your breakthrough. Walking in the light with accountability is essential to this process.
  • I had to ask God to dismantle and break the strongholds I’d allowed to be established in my heart. I had to speak out loud the prayers He led me to pray on my own and with counsellors.

    He also led me to unearth some strongholds that had been passed down to me from past generations (for full instruction on dealing with Ancestral generation sin like this, see Chapter 13 of “How to Unlock God’s Big Plan For Your Life” — “Inner Healing That Works From Nazareth’s Carpenter”) I had to work with God to break every demonic link and stronghold that kept driving me towards sin so easily like this.

    I did this through aggressive spiritual warfare, receiving healing and deliverance at the hands of wise, discerning Christian counsellors and then by walking out the new freedom Jesus was opening for me.
  • Finally though, even after I was free (and I knew I was) as I say, there were some occasions when I would find strong temptation would come against me and I would ask God what it was (because I knew I was okay by this stage, so wondered what was going on).

    The LORD explained that because I’d recently been set free, it was a classic enemy plan of strategic counter attack.

    Because Satan had recently lost such massive ground in me he was determined to get it back.

    Therefore his forces prepared many ambushes whereby he would send certain types of people (laden with similar hidden sins to what had bound me previously) hoping to trigger a response in me whereby his demons could once more regain their control in my life.

    If this seems a bit far fetched, stay with me. Jesus said the very same thing…“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ And when he comes, he finds it swept and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” (Luke 11 v 24-26 NKJV)

In fact, look at this video on how to defeat evil spirits....

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Now back to what I was saying...

Anyway, I’m pleased to say Jesus always keeps His promises. He not only set me free, but He continued to keep me free in the years that have followed.

Remember, He came for this very reason “To SAVE His people from their sins” (Matthew 1 v 21).

The true meaning of that scripture is that a time will come in your life when you will KNOW YOU ARE FREE from sins that have perhaps dogged you for years.

He did it for me, He is more than willing to do it for you.

When this happens YOU WILL KNOW, and a great rest and peace will enter your entire being.

No more striving, battling, fasting yourself skinny or rebuking the devil desperately to gain a few days or weeks of freedom, only to be crushed by defeats which never seem to end.

No—you will KNOW.

As you journey to that place of freedom you may wish to pray the powerful prayer which follows below (and even after you become free, keep praying it daily for protection for your whole family).

I pray it every single morning first thing, before I meet a single soul at all. It is effective in ensuring that no “links” are able to be established in you as you go through the day meeting various people.

This is because when you meet others that may be trapped by issues that had previously bound you, the Holy Spirit will have already placed the Cross and Blood of Jesus between every aspect of your being (spirit, soul and body) and the other person (including any demons that may attempt to use them to tempt you etc) through this prayer request.

In effect you are also reiterating and enforcing the truth of the good news that you HAVE BEEN translated (moved from) the Kingdom of darkness and placed into the Kingdom of God through what Jesus did for you.

I love the way the Amplified Bible tells it from the Greek…“[The Father] has delivered and drawn us to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love” (Colossians 1 v 13 AMP)

That also simply means there is a HUGE gulf between the two kingdoms, you on one side and the enemy and those he still holds in bondage on the other. This prayer is also very effective to pray each day on behalf of your spouse and children. If you are a Mum or Dad, then you are in a great position of authority to pray this. It is VERY EFFECTIVE in helping ensure that your children/teenagers do not end up being drawn into the wrong sorts of relationships at school or college etc.

Anyway, I’ve said enough!

Here’s the prayer for you…

Morning Prayer Of Consecration and Separation to God

“Dear Father, God Almighty please consecrate and separate my wife, children and myself to you afresh today.

Please place the Cross and the blood of Jesus Christ between our spirits, souls and bodies and the spirits, souls and bodies of ALL OTHER PEOPLE in all places and dominions today in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Please place the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ between our minds and the minds of all others, between our thoughts and the thoughts of all others, between our loins in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Please place the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ between our voices and the voices of all those we speak with today and between our eyes and the eyes of all those we look into today in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Father please place the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ between us and every Satanic force arrayed against us today, whether they be Satanic angels, demons or Satanic human agents, separate between us and them oh Lord in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Father God I pray that every ungodly soul tie (link) that the enemy would seek to establish in our lives today be completely cut off in advance by the sword of the Lord in Jesus Christ’s Name. May it be impossible for any forces of darkness to oppress anyone in my family like this today.

Thank you Father that your word is TRUE.

You said ALL authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus and it is in His mighty Name I pray all these things and BELIEVE they are mine now! Amen!"

There we go.

As I say I have prayed this prayer for the last ten years and have found God has been faithful to hear, keep and answer it! So I hope it helps you too. May you go on your way rejoicing having prayed it with simple, believing faith. Next time I will share another of these very simple yet powerful daily prayers. It is for protection for you and your family and I’ve been praying that for about ten years too!