The Sin No One Talks About, Not Even Your Pastor

How is it possible a recent poll reveals a harrowing secret sin... which binds 50% of Christian men and 20% of Christian women, yet this hugely widespread sin is never spoken about in Church?

(In fact the same survey revealed the underlying root sin even caused 60% of women significant trouble). What I uncovered may surprise you…

In another large survey, this time including only Church Leaders only I discovered…

  • Over 50% of Pastors had committed this sin during the past year.
  • 30% of those Pastors, even committed it in the last month.

Now when I tell you it is one of the most degrading, addictive and difficult-to-break sins, then perhaps you get an idea why so many brothers and sisters are terrified to talk about it.

Especially Ministers of the Gospel and Pastors who are trapped by it.​

Then the reason why no one talks about it became clear—because if they are bound they suffer terrible shame. It is the “elephant in the room” Christians pretend does not even exist—even though the stats reveal at least 50% are snared by it.

So why is it so difficult to break free from?

The Sin One One Talks About
  • Is it simply too strong… even for Jesus to help you with?
  • Is it because you don’t pray or read your Bible enough?
  • Is it because evil spirits are forcing you to keep doing it?
  • Is it because guilt, shame and condemnation stop people seeking help?
  • Or is it plain and simple—because you secretly love it too much?
  • No matter how you may have struggled, here is the truth…

Jesus already defeated this sin for every single Christian… including you.

Remember, the Devil is a liar and one of his chief weapons is deception. He lies to get you to believe that you will never be free but he is lying to you. Satan is just like a bully in the playground, tormenting, accusing and causing you to live 24/7 cursed by guilt, shame and condemnation—no matter what you do to get free.

But the devil’s reign over you can end forever.

Jesus brought you here to learn how to get free once and for all.

If you came here to get this mess sorted…

Well done, now you can... yet your time is running out.

Why do you think everywhere you look there is fear, turmoil and conflict all over the world today?

Well, Jesus is getting ready to return like a thief in the night, and He wants a spotless bride. Will you be spotless, like other brothers and sisters? They're wise virgins, with clean oil in their lamps. You can be like them. May God break every chain that has ever tormented your life.

He is willing and very able.

Why not accept His help?