How To Pray and Get The Guitar You Want In Twenty Minutes

"Small hinges open big doors."

Now here's a big secret on how GOD loves to answer requests in prayer. It concerns an aspect of the character of GOD which is often missed completely. 

It’s this…

God doesn’t need to brag about who He is, what He does or how cool He is. He is God and of course, there is none other. Therefore, because He is so secure in His IDENTITY, He does not need to DO THINGS gain people’s acceptance, affirmation and approval.

He is completely relaxed with who He is.

He NEVER needs to do anything to impress anyone!

Now wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in such a way, so that we never felt that we needed to do things to impress other people either!

Of course the more we come to know God as He really is the more we too begin to absorb these types of characteristics into our lives. In a similar way loving parents thrill to see their characteristics replicated in their children’s lives, God is like that too.

So how does this relate to this ‘miracle’ about the guitar?

Well, it’s like this. God frequently answers prayer in miraculous ways, yet VERY QUIETLY, without highly visible signs and wonders.

Very often God will use the MOST COMMONPLACE every day people, activities and issues in your life to bring his DELIVERANCE and answers to prayer to you. In fact, if you are not alert to how He works like this, you could very well miss your answer when it comes.

Here are some Biblical answers to prayer that came perfectly “camouflaged” by God.

For example…

Joseph got rescued from certain death by an every day Midiannite caravan train of slave traders – without them Joseph would not have fulfilled his dreams and destiny.

As a baby, the reed basket that Moses was placed in just ‘casually’ drifted (without being savaged by Nile crocodiles) into the very arms of Pharaoh’s daughter who would later be used by God to prepare him even to the accession throne of Pharaoh himself.

Supernatural stuff, that was to profoundly affect not just the life of Moses but the entire people of God that would one day bust out of captivity and be on their way to the Promised Land. What would have happened if the crocodiles had eaten Moses by the way?

The creator of the Universe, Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the World is born to a humble woman not even married—the total opposite picture of the “Warrior King Messiah” Israel had been expecting. God in disguise.

Seemingly, Jesus Himself comes as someone completely ordinary. As Isaiah 53 v2 says “And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him.”, yet this was the astonishing Son of God, who actually allowed us to view in the flesh exactly what God the Almighty was like face to face!

Have you spotted this EXTRAORDINARY GOD, in a humble, regular man yet?

God speaks every single day.

Yet so often we miss His voice, His divine appointments and sadly His divine ‘parcels’ He’s sent on their way to us. God teach us to understand His voice so that over time, those missed opportunities become rare and the ‘ordinary’ wrapping He so often uses to wrap the extraordinary gifts he gives, thrill us when we begin to recognise His handiwork.

As you read the story that follows, I’d like you to note how ‘ordinary’ the events are that God used to give me my heart’s desire. I wonder how He will disguise the gifts he has for you in the ordinary hum drum details of your life?

So, if you want to know how to get the guitar you want in 20 minutes…

Here is the story...

I’d been a Christian for a couple of years, and one day I was at my Pastor’s house when I happened to pick up his acoustic guitar and attempted to play it. I didn’t get on too well because I’m actually a drummer, so the Pastor showed me two or three simple choruses to play with just three really basic chords. I really enjoyed playing them, and I went on my way feeling very inspired and thinking “Hmm, playing guitar and singing choruses like this to God makes me feel really good!”

A week later I was back at my Pastor’s house and we prayed together. While we did, the Pastor gave me a word that he felt that God had for me. Basically he said that God wanted to bless me with music and playing guitar in worship for His glory.

I went on my way, even more inspired than before and later that day visited a friend of mine.

While I was there I happened to notice a guitar standing in the corner of the room and asked if the person minded if I could have play it. “Fine” he said, and I started to play. Some other people in his house at the time started to say how much they enjoyed my playing, so next I sang the three songs my Pastor had taught me. After I’d done this, they all said they loved my singing and playing and encouraged me even more.

However, a funny thing had happened while I had been playing.

The acoustic guitar I had picked up had just seemed incredibly easy to play, much better than my Pastor’s guitar in fact. So in my mind, I had said to the “Lord, this guitar is really lovely. I’d really like a guitar just like this, it’s so easy to play!” I felt this lovely glow in my tummy as I thought about it.

Once I’d thought this in my mind before the Lord, I carried on chatting and playing for about twenty minutes more and then got up to leave. After saying my goodbyes I headed down the steps to my car.

I was just about to pull away when I suddenly heard someone shouting “Dave wait! Don’t go yet, wait!” and there, running down the steps was my friend. He also had the guitar with him.

I asked him what the matter was, and he answered “Nothing, but God just told me to give you this guitar! In fact he told me earlier, but I didn’t want to, but then He really insisted, so I figured I better do what I am told.”

I was pretty blown away, but accepted the gift graciously and took my new guitar home.

It was lovely!

I started practicing the the three choruses even more and then on the Sunday morning told my Pastor what had happened. He was so pleased, and then said “That’s perfect, because I’d like you to play that guitar and lead worship tonight in our evening service!” I was a little taken aback, but remembered what my Pastor had said regarding God’s desire to use me in worship, so I agreed.

That night, though there were only about thirty or so people in the meeting I played my three choruses again, and the glory of God came down among us in a wonderful way.

That little acoustic guitar and one man’s obedience has since blessed me so much. His obedience was the beginning of God fulfilling His promises to me regarding music in my life and how He wanted to bless me in it, while I used it to bring Him glory.

The funny thing is, it all seemed so “natural”, no great flashes or thunderbolts and lightning from heaven etc. God just used normal people to set everything up for me to flow supernaturally into a ministry that He wanted me to do and that I loved taking part in. He really had started to give me the desire of my heart, because He knew I really loved music a lot.

These days I’m part of the worship team in our church and regularly lead worship on guitar as well as play drums. I’ve even gone on to play in conferences with quite large congregations and it’s been awesome! Worship is now one of the central pillars of my life. It is so life giving.

From start to finish, from when I’d said in my heart “Lord, this guitar is really lovely!” to when I took it home in my car was only about twenty minutes.

When God wants to act, be ready because when He does, he acts FAST.

So be ready, and keep your eyes peeled for signs of when common place activities, things and appointments in your life suddenly switch over into the supernatural realm where God’s abundance and grace flows like a river.

Finally, has God sent ever sent you answers to your heart desires, yet you missed them?

If so why not pray this prayer now…

“Dear Father in Heaven, thank you that you know what it is like to be human, so frail and so easily distracted. If I have missed any of your supernatural gifts or blessings that you sent to me because they have been so well disguised by the “natural” things of life, please forgive me and send them to me again.

Please open my eyes to recognise them this time Lord, for your glory in Jesus’ Name! I call all those blessings and gifts of God that I may have missed back to me in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ and I shall not miss them now!”