Ever asked "Why does God seem to ignore my prayers?" If so, help is here...

First what do you think makes God happy or pleases Him? Faith?  Well yes, scripture says you are right, (see Hebrews 11 v 6). Yet how about... God answering YOUR prayers, simply because He is overjoyed with you?

And did you know...

Just as any father delights in his child, God delights in you and granting your requests.

Picture that; God being so delighted with you, that He constantly abides with you and ANSWERS you when you make requests and talk with Him... you become His friend too.

Part of being able to walk like this is simply knowing what NOT to do. These six below are the most crucial - it's almost certain they will reveal why God has been ignoring your prayers (if He has).

Ignore them at your peril! Here is a small part of the first of those reasons God won't listen to you excerpted from chapter fourteen of "How to Unlock God's Big Plan For Your Life."

From Chapter Fourteen: "Six Killer Reasons Why God Ignores Your Prayers" #1). You Are Cherishing Sin in Your Heart.

It's amazing how easily we deceive ourselves.

And the core issue is that of the heart.

Jeremiah puts it like this...

"The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17 v 9 NKJV).

Isn't it amazing how so often if we find that our petitions and prayers are not being answered we simply turn and place the blame on God? We never seem to find fault with ourselves. No wonder Jeremiah says the heart is "desperately wicked."

It is so wicked in fact that it can bring us to the point where we stand in a false sense of righteous indignation and complain about God...

"Well, I have been praying for years about this, and nothing has ever changed! I have fasted myself skinny, and still God has not answered me. I don't know what else to do, I have prayed in every way I can about this thing, yet God is still silent towards me."

In these situations it is highly likely that we have been deceived by our own hearts...

"If I regard iniquity in my heart THE LORD WILL NOT HEAR." (Psalm 66 v 18 NKJV).

In cases like this, it is as simple as that.God REFUSES to even listen to you, because secretly you still LOVE your hidden sin. You have a hidden compartment in your heart where you secretly store this sin. Then when no one is looking, you take it out and gorge yourself on it.

Afterwards, smitten with condemnation, guilt and shame you may vow thousands of times over to never do it again, yet... you carefully wrap it up and place it back into the compartment that it came from deep in your heart.It quietly abides there, waiting for the next time you call it up.

This instead of DESPISING IT, tearing it out and bringing it into the light before trusted brothers or sisters and there, broken before the face of God implore Him to cut it out from the depths of you, so that it will no longer remain active in your life.


You refuse to make yourself accountable, so that your Pastor, elders or counsellors can keep a healthy, consistent check on you to see whether the grip of this particular thing is truly broken in your life or not. If you were to, you'd be amazed at the sense of well being and order that would come into your life, not to mention the progress you'd make because suddenly God Himself would go to bat for you.

You would SUDDENLY begin to hear Him speaking with you too, because He could see that you are changing. He could see your willingness to OBEY His commands. Remember - ACTIONS speak louder than words.

James says you don't have faith at all if it is not backed up by your life...

"Faith without works (a faithful life that supports what you claim) is DEAD." (James 2 v 20 - my paraphrase)

You are WHAT YOU DO - NOT what you say.

What is so dangerous about this type of sin, is the deceptive nature it has. It has the ability to almost trick you into thinking that you are completely righteous. In fact there many Christians receiving counselling right now, that are utterly convincing as to how holy their lives are. Many counsellors completely believe them too - unless they are skilled in spotting these deeper issues with the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Many have this iniquity so well hidden that they have convinced themselves that they are walking righteously before God - yet they seem to suffer inexplicable SILENCE from God to their requests in prayer. This is very important.

[End Of Excerpt]

I hope removing the hidden blockages to answered prayer radically improves your prayer life, because being able to get answers from God is VITAL to understanding and following up on His "Big Plan For Your Life."

Imagine being able to say like Jesus "Father, I know you ALWAYS hear me" (John 11 v 42) or have the boldness or confidence to ask for things like Elijah did in the Old Testament. Pick up your copy of the full book "How to Unlock God's Big Plan For Your Life" below. It is changing lives all over the world. Today you get it free.