Operating Principles

Here's what Dave Alston and this ministry aims for each day. We may not always achieve it, yet this is our heart below...

  • Our daily job is to “Glorify GOD and enjoy Him forever”.
  • Work we do extends the Kingdom of GOD, because the time is short and "He who wins souls is wise" Proverbs 11:30 NKJV
  • Work we do grows the gifts and talents GOD has given us.
  • We seek FIRST the Kingdom of GOD and allow Him to profit us as a byproduct.
  • We ask daily… “Would Jesus be happy to recommend the work we've done today?”
  • Work we do helps people experience freedom, overcome evil and draw closer to GOD.
  • We treat every one we deal with in business as if they were JESUS Himself, including suppliers, partners and customers.
  • We treat each supplier, partner or customer in the SAME WAY we would like to be treated and aim to be fair and just with all.
  • We sow financially into extending the Kingdom of GOD and helping the poor.
  • We are dedicated to teaching others how to fulfil their destiny and calling in GOD. And to train them how to break Satanic bondages hindering their progress serving GOD so they may release their gifts to live satisfied lives, grow healthy families, ministries and businesses that honour God, plus live in good health, happy in the knowledge that they are at peace with GOD free from all Satanic deceptions and hindrances and blessed to serve others for the glory of GOD.
  • We set time to worship GOD every day for it is our highest calling.
  • We spend special time in prayer and study of GOD’S Word DAILY, for it is the foundation for all true success.