Refund Policy

7 Week Victory Discipleship School

We want you to be delighted with your group and personal coaching in our 7 Week Victory Discipleship School. We also realise life intervenes sometimes in the form of emergencies or things just don't quite seem the right fit. Therefore we do give refunds for schools.

This is how our Refund Policy works:

IMPORTANT: Up until 3 days BEFORE school starts you may request a full 100% refund of all fees paid for the whole school for any reason.

Once school starts:

IMPORTANT: After school starts refunds are then given on a pro rata per week basis.

For example if you are enrolled as a student for two weeks of classes (even if you do not attend any class or Q&A session) you will not receive a refund for those weeks.

However if you then cancel and quit school, the balance of all remaining fees paid (ie five weeks for this example) will be refunded to you.

Simply contact us and request a refund within these terms above and we will process your request for you.​

We are committed to seeing you break free, live pure and hit your destiny with Jesus, which is why we are really stepping out in faith to launch this ministry and these schools. Please be sure coming to school is what you really want to do before you book a seat, rather than be double minded. So listen carefully... what is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

(NOTE: Committing to this deep 7 week process allows us time to know you and GOD time to embed lasting change in you. Please do not apply if you are not committed or can't afford fees, because others need your seat who will be willing to commit fully to this process of change).